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Commissioning Podcast

Together with Thomas Stuenkel we discuss in this podcast commissioning related topics, we connect the international commissioning community and we discover what can be good subjects to develop an online commissioning training about.

Last but not least we have interviews with commissioning experts from around the world.

Enjoy the commissioning podcast episodes!

Thomas Stuenkel

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Mar 22, 2021

Ryan Lean, the Building Commissioning Association president, has been interviewed by Thomas Stuenkel on February 21, 2021.

00:00​ Introduction

00:32​ How did you come to commissioning?

04:25​ What does the BCxA understand under the term "commissioning"?

09:59​ Is it about buildings only? What are "systems"?

13:08​ Why is it much more than building commissioning?

14:47​ Why does the BCxA exist?

22:51​ What kind of support does the BCxA give to its members?

28:46​ Why should I join the Building Commissioning Association?

31:18​ Building envelope commissioning

35:46​ What are the certifications by the BCxA?

40:21​ How can I join the Building Commissioning Association?

45:07​ Closing words

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