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Commissioning Podcast

Together with Thomas Stuenkel we discuss in this podcast commissioning related topics, we connect the international commissioning community and we discover what can be good subjects to develop an online commissioning training about.

Last but not least we have interviews with commissioning experts from around the world.

Enjoy the commissioning podcast episodes!

Thomas Stuenkel

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Mar 12, 2019

Thomas Jarlov from Denmark started his technical career as an industry electrician with focus on BMS installations. This included renovation of all Herlev Hospitals ventilation plants, the large combustion Lynetten and other construction sites. Thomas liked the inter-connectivity of all the building installations, and started on a further education as an Energy Technologist on Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.

Thomas completed his education as an Energy Technologist and was awarded with "TEKNIQ's Energiteknologpris" for the highest grade point for all students. During his education as Energy Technologist, Thomas learned about The Commissioning Process that caught his interest immediately; and he has ever since worked with it.

His starting career was as a Commissioning consultant in Grontmij (Consulting Engineering firm, now named SWECO), Thomas was part of the department Facilities Management and Operation, where he helped to build the Commissioning team, organize the working tools and workflows. Thomas was working on multiple Commissioning projects, where he were part of the Commissioning Teams and the leading the process as a Commissioning Authority.

In 2015 Thomas started in Copenhagen Airports as their only and first Commissioning Manager with the main goal to develop and implement the Commissioning Process. Since then Thomas has become the Strategic Commissioning Manager, and a small in-house Commissioning Team has been established. Thomas is the lead, CxA, on the Commissioning projects.

In Thomas spare time he develops computer software. Here to mention the Danish Wikipedia for Commissioning and Cx Manager a free online software to manage Commissioning projects in.

CxPlanner (formerly CxManager) - Commissioning Management Software: (English) (Danish)

Thomas Jarlov:

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