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Together with Thomas Stuenkel we discuss in this podcast commissioning related topics, we connect the international commissioning community and we discover what can be good subjects to develop an online commissioning training about.

Last but not least we have interviews with commissioning experts from around the world.

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Jan 31, 2019

"Could you tell me which are the most important commercial CMS/CCMS in the industry?" - Alexander from Columbia asked me.

What is a CMS or CCMS?

A CMS (commissioning management system) or CCMS (completions and commissioning management system) is often used on upstream and downstream installations because of the large quantity of activities and data involved in the commissioning process.

The advantage of a CCMS is having all information digitally available 24/7, which means showing the exact point at which a project stage is. This means up-to-date information is available to all authorized parties at all times.

Another advantage is that standardized software packages lead to conformance to standards and specifications.

So, let me show you a few of the most important CCMS:

Intergraph Smart Completions by HEXAGON

GoCompletions by qedi

FNVi by FNVi

TrackerDB by Tracker Technologies

COMSIP, expert in OPERCOM methodology and in commissioning tracking software ICAPS©, offers training regularly.

ORBIT by Orion Completions and Commissioning Management Services

ConstructSim Systems Completion by Bentley Systems


Pims Completion Management by Omega AS

VM Completions by MODS Management ltd.

WinPCS by Complan

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Thomas Stuenkel

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